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30. [aitimes]Another collapse in Gwangju 7 months after the Hakdong disaster...

Writer : enitt

Date : 2022-04-13 12:06:55

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At around 3:46 pm on the 11th, an exterior wall collapse occurred at an apartment construction site in Hwajeong-dong, Seo-gu, Gwangju. The photo shows the construction site where the accident occurred. (Photo = News 1  Provision)




Enitt, an AI company in Gwangju, has technology that enables monitoring of structure collapse based on artificial intelligence. In 2020, the company installed a DAS safety monitoring system in the entire 4.8km section of the underground common district of Gwangju Sangmu District. It is now possible to monitor abnormal reactions such as structural collapse and fire in real time with AI technology. (Photo = Enitt Provision).

◆ It is urgent to introduce AI, big data, and meta-bus in the construction of complacent on-site monitoring and safety devices

The 11th day of the collapse was the day when a bill to prevent a recurrence was passed by the National Assembly in connection with the collapse of a demolition building in Hak-dong, Gwangju last year. Even though related laws are in place, safety-related laws and regulations are not properly observed at the front-line site. In order to reduce repeated safety accidents, it is most important to play a thorough role according to the principles.In addition, there are voices among experts that it is urgent to introduce artificial intelligence (AI) and big data in relation to building safety. In other words, it is also necessary to consider applying a supervision system using artificial intelligence technology or simulating before construction in a virtual world in Metaverse where data such as climate and environment are applied.In the case of last year's Hakdong disaster, it is known that the construction supervisor left the site and increased the damage.

They say that there was no safety device even though there was a possibility of collapse due to the demolition. Even at that time, experts pointed out that technical safety measures were needed.Kim Jung-ho, head of the Intelligent IoT Research Center at the Korea Institute of Optical Technology, said, "It is also wrong that there is no technical safety device for building collapse," adding, "We can fully recognize building collapse with sensor, IoT, and AI-based technology."