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75. [Mudeung Ilbo] Gwangju City provides significant support to technological innovation ‘G-Unicorn Company’

Writer : enitt

Date : 2024-05-13 14:57:41

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Gwangju City provides full support to ‘G-Unicorn Company’, a technological innovation start-up company.


On the 10th, Gwangju City selected five technologically innovative start-ups to participate in the 'G-Unicorn Development Project', which provides up to 300 million won, and confirmed the commercialization support through a competition.

The 'G-Unicorn Development Project' is a growth program that selects start-ups with excellent technological competitiveness and high growth potential and supports business expansion (scale-up) and entry into the global market for unlisted companies with accumulated investment in the region of KRW 500 million or more. It's a program.


For more details, you can refer to the article linked below.