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20. [etnews] ENITT, Selects AI-Based Disaster Safety Management Solution 'National Innovation Company 1000'

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Date : 2022-04-13 09:37:07

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ENITT (CEO Ki Song-do), a software company, announced on the 10th that it has developed an artificial intelligence (AI)-based disaster safety management solution and was selected as the "National Innovation Company 1000" by nine ministries including the Financial Services Commission. 


The National Innovation Company 1000 is a system under which nine ministries, including the Financial Services Commission, will jointly select a total of 1,000 companies to lead each industry throughout the innovative growth industry by next year.


ENITT was selected as the national 1,000 innovative companies in the information and communication sector in recognition of the originality and innovation of the "DAS safety monitoring system," an AI-based disaster safety management solution. It will receive non-financial benefits such as support from policy financial institutions, management and financial management know-how, and business infrastructure.




<AI-based disaster safety management solution developed by ENITT> 




Last year, the company installed a DAS safety monitoring system in all 4.8km sections of underground Dong-gu, Sangmu District, Gwangju. This product can check abnormal situations in the common area in real time, such as structure collapse, fire, and unauthorized entry and exit. It is the first time in Korea that a safety management monitoring system applied with AI technology has been applied to actual infrastructure and is the first case of commercialization of domestic technology.













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CEO Ki Song-do said, "We are happy to be recognized for the first commercialization of AI safety monitoring services in Korea by selecting 1,000 national innovative companies. We will stand as a leader in the government's digital new deal policy through safety monitoring of railways, pipelines, bridges, and airport runways."


Gwangju = Reporter Kim Han-sik