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24. [Ai times] Protect the Honam Line with AI…

Writer : enitt

Date : 2022-04-13 11:51:50

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While railway safety accidents continue every year, artificial intelligence (AI) technology has been developed to monitor various unexpected situations such as abnormal conditions of railway tracks, rocks, and intruders in real time. Through AI-based data analysis technology, managers can immediately identify the location and type of failure. This is expected to prevent various safety accidents in advance. Currently, the technology is currently being demonstrated on Honam Express Line and General Line. 


According to the comprehensive railway safety information management system on the 10th, the number of railway accidents in 2016 was 6 for high-speed railways, 57 for general railways, and 61 for urban railways. In 2020, the number of high-speed rail cases decreased slightly to 0, 26 general rail cases, and 31 high-speed rail cases, but railway accidents are still continuing. The same is true of disability cases. The number of disabilities was 245 in 2016, 253 in 2017, 231 in 2018, 348 in 2019, and 222 in 2020. 


Among them, a domestic research team recently developed a technology that can prevent safety accidents by monitoring unexpected situations around the railroad in real time. This is a valuable achievement obtained by jointly working on research and development by Gwangju AI company ENITT (CEO of Gisongdo) and Korea Institute of Optical Technology (Director Shin Yong-jin). The technology developed by ENITT and the Korea Institute of Optical Technology's research team is the first AI-based optical fiber sound distribution sensor system in Korea that can monitor driving information such as train speed and location, construction, falling rocks, and external intrusion in real time.