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45. [epj]NESCONFEX 2022 brings together domestic and foreign nuclear power plant industry opinion leaders and European buyers ··· Gyeongju

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Date : 2022-08-29 17:59:13

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Nuclear power generation, which has the potential to actively respond to various environmental changes such as achieving carbon neutrality, is being re-evaluated around the world.

The Gyeongju Hwabaek Convention Center (HICO) will hold the "2022 International Nuclear Export and Safety Convention 2022" for three days from August 29 to 31, with renowned opinion leaders from the Korean nuclear industry and major buyers from the European nuclear power industry.

The NESCONFEX 2022 Conference, which will be held for the first time this year, will present a new potential and vision for nuclear power for sustainable development under the slogan "Net-Zero Era, Nuclear Power RUN again."

The NESCONFEX conference, which consists of public empathy talks and technical panel sessions, will be attended by top experts in the domestic nuclear sector to discuss in-depth on "continuation of operations before mobilization, strategies to promote safety" and "used fuel dilemma, how to solve."

The opening day will be led by Kim Moo-hwan, president of Pohang University of Science and Technology, and the panel discussion will include Baek Won-pil, senior vice president of the Korea Atomic Energy Association, Park Tae-soon, executive member of the World Women's Nuclear Power Association, Baek Hoon, and Kim Byung-ki.

On the second day of the event, Kim Han-gon, head of KHNP's Central Research Institute, will announce the status of continuous driving and improvement of the system in Korea, while Yeom Hak-ki, head of the Small and Medium Business Institute, will present the main status and issues of overseas continuous driving power plants.

The panel discussion will be led by Kim Bum-nyeon, chairman of the Korea Pressurized Equipment Engineering Committee, and will be attended by Cho Chang-yeol, managing director of Doosan Energy BG, Choi Ki-yong, head of the Intelligent Nuclear Safety Research Institute at the Korea Atomic Energy Institute, and Park Yoon-won.

The technical session "How to solve the dilemma of spent nuclear fuel" will be announced by Ryu Jae-soo, head of the nuclear cycle process research department at the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Jean Claude MASY, and Park Jin-baek, head of the technical research team at the Korea Atomic Energy Agency.

The panel discussion will be followed by Song Jong-soon, a professor of nuclear engineering at Chosun University, Moon Joo-hyun, a professor of energy engineering at Dankook University, Choi Deuk-ki, head of the post-management department at KHNP, Jung Seung-young, and Shin Dong-ah, a waitress at Dong-A Ilbo in Junghoon Lee.

In addition, domestic companies and EPC and engineering companies in Europe (Turkey, France, UAE, Spain, Poland) will participate in the export consultation of overseas buyers, which is the highlight of NESCONFEX, to explore the possibility of Korean companies exporting nuclear materials.

In addition, a briefing session on overseas EPC purchase procurement for domestic companies, including trends and certification of these EPC's European nuclear power plant industry, will also be held at the same time, with domestic companies KHNP, ES Dasan, and Enit presenting their technologies to overseas EPC.

NESCONFEX 2022 is expected to become a landmark for the domestic nuclear power industry amid changes in the surrounding environment, including the EU's decision to include nuclear power green taxonomies, including Egypt, Poland, the Czech Republic and Saudi Arabia, and the global energy crisis caused by Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Kim Yong-guk, president of HICO, said, "I am confident that this NESCONFEX 2022 will become an exhibition representing Gyeongju and Gyeongsangbuk-do, and that Gyeongsangbuk-do and Gyeongju will be reborn as a hub for the Korean nuclear industry."

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