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46. [etnews]ENITT to promote development of light sensing solutions for measuring and diagnosing the condition of power generation facilities and heat transport pipes

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Date : 2022-10-12 19:30:05

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ENITT (CEO Ki Song-do), a company specializing in safety management solutions, was selected as the organizer of the 'Optical Device System Technology Development Project for Energy Efficiency Improvement' by the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Evaluation and Management (Keit), and will receive 3 billion won in total project cost from this year to the next three years. said on the 10th. 


ENITT is a joint R&D institution, the Korea Institute of Optical Technology, Optical Precision Measurement Research Center, and the Korea Electronics Research Institute, Intelligent Mechatronics Research Center. ', it plans to conduct safety preventive monitoring and improve energy operation efficiency.

The selection of the host organization for this project was made based on the artificial intelligence (AI)-based optical fiber acoustic distribution sensor safety monitoring system (e-DAS) technology, which ENITT was the first to obtain certification for excellent R&D innovative products in Korea. The e-DAS system is an innovative product capable of detecting and real-time monitoring of major domestic infrastructure such as railways and bridges over 50 km using distributed optical sensors and edge computing technology.


CEO Ki Song-do said, “We will contribute to the development of the digital solution-based power industry by innovation of the electric power industry value chain and creation of high added value of the e-DAS system developed with pure domestic optical convergence technology.”