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47. [Chum-Dan Net]ENITT to participate in ‘BIXPO 2022’… Disaster safety AI solution ‘e-DAS’ exhibition and promotion

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Date : 2022-11-15 16:17:56

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ENITT (CEO Ki Song-do) exhibited and promoted disaster safety and energy efficiency AI solution products such as e-DAS, its flagship product, at the ‘Bitgaram International Power Technology Expo (BIXPO) 2022’ held at the Kimdaejung Convention Center in Gwangju on the 2nd-4th.


Bixpo is Korea's largest energy expo hosted by Korea Electric Power Corporation. This year's theme was 'Carbon Neutrality & Energy Security', and it introduced new technologies for sustainable development and showed vision. A total of 18,000 people, including overseas buyers from 13 countries around the world, attended.


The disaster safety artificial intelligence (AI) solution that ENIT introduced at the fair is its flagship product 'e-DAS (Distributed Acoustic Sensing)'. e-DAS is a technology that can measure the distribution of vibration and sound signals occurring in all areas of a measurement object in real time. It can replace the detection of abnormal operation of industrial facilities and structures, fire prevention, etc. performed by instantaneous inspection by existing personnel.


In particular, since the optical cable acts as a sensor and a signal line at the same time, installation and maintenance are easy and it is applied to various facilities such as △railroad △nuclear power plant △port △airport △military facility △oil pipeline △heat pipe △gas pipeline △data transmission cable, etc. It is possible.


Enit also introduced the TSware BESS EMS (Energy Monitoring System), a safety management system based on an ultra-small wireless sensor, as an energy efficiency AI solution. This product is an edge safety ESS system that can predict, detect, and urgently control fire and explosion accidents in advance through deep learning-based sensor data analysis of fire factors inside the energy storage system (ESS). It is expected that the golden time for fire prevention will be secured by detecting the thermal runaway phenomenon of the battery through the application of the technology.


During the exhibition period, about 20 companies such as Hyundai Electric and LS Electric, as well as about 10 organizations such as KEPCO KDN and Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power, actively engaged in purchase inquiries and consultations for e-DAS products. If you convert the purchase consultation amount, it is estimated to be worth 5 billion won.


ENIT conducted investment and collaboration consultations and networking with the honor of winning the grand prize through the ‘Startup Investment Attraction (IR) Contest’ held during the exhibition period.


CEO Ki Song-do said, “For the goal of attracting 3 billion won investment next year, investment attraction and commercialization in connection with large and medium-sized companies, direct investment attraction activities with venture capital (VC) institutions, and meet-up events with VC institutions and large and medium-sized companies We plan to strengthen active marketing and PR activities such as networking through participation.”


In January of next year, CEO Ki successfully completed the 'innovative prototype pilot purchase project' to promote excellent procurement registration as a fast track, and to develop overseas markets △ Preempt the market through registration of excellent products (NEP, NET) with the Public Procurement Service △ Europe in 2023 He added that he plans to prepare and implement a strategy, such as obtaining product certifications for the United States (CE, FCC, etc.) and establishing local subsidiaries in Europe and the United States between 2024 and 2025.


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