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58. [etnews]ENITT, won the 'Ministry of Science and Technology Award' at the Small and Medium Business Entrepreneur's Competition... Merit for developing energy AI management system

Writer : enitt

Date : 2023-06-28 11:04:28

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기송도 에니트 대표(오른쪽)가 20일 김대중컨벤션센터에서 열린 ‘2023 광주전남 중소기업인 대회’에서 김광진 광주시 문화경제부시장으로부터 과학기술정보통신부장관 표창을 전수받고 있다. 


ENITT(CEO Ki Song-do), a company specializing in disaster safety and energy efficiency artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, announced on the 27th that it had the honor of winning the Minister of Science and ICT Award at the ‘2023 Gwangju Jeonnam Small and Medium Business Contest’.


CEO Ki Song-do contributed to the development of the national industry with excellent technology, such as the development of new optical convergence technology and the success of localization, and was recognized for his contribution to creating excellent jobs and improving the working environment.


The Small and Medium Enterprises Contest, which has been held every year since 1990, is the largest event for small and medium-sized businesses to reward and encourage small and medium-sized business owners who have contributed to the development of the national economy and job creation. The Gwangju Jeonnam Small and Medium Business Convention was held at the Kim Dae-jung Convention Center on the 20th under the theme of ‘Small and medium businesses running again!, Greater Korea!’.


On this day, award ceremonies were held for 64 out of 566 awards nationwide. △ 1 Stone Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit △ 1 case of Industrial Service Merit △ 7 cases from the Prime Minister △ 24 cases of institutional commendation (minister, commissioner) △ 6 cases from the mayor of Gwangju △ 5 cases from the governor of Jeonnam Province △ 20 cases from the president of the Central Committee.