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57. [etnews]ENITT wins the Minister of Industry Award at the ‘2023 International Optical Convergence O2O Expo’… Recognized as an e-DAS innovative product

Writer : enitt

Date : 2023-06-26 10:55:34

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ENITT (CEO Ki Song-do), a company specializing in disaster safety and energy efficiency artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, announced on the 25th that it had won the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Award at the ‘2023 International Light Convergence O2O Expo (LED & OLED Expo)’.


This exhibition is the largest optical convergence industry exhibition in Korea, hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and LED Industry Forum, an incorporated corporation, and supervised by Korea Mining Industry Promotion Association, Shared Growth Committee, and Expo&U. About 160 companies and organizations in the optical convergence industry field, such as light emitting diode (LED), organic light emitting diode (OLED), optical communication, optical devices, laser-related lighting, equipment, parts, materials, and convergence, participated, and attracted about 700 overseas buyers from 20 countries. Invited.


ENITT won the Minister of Industry Award for ‘AI-based optical fiber acoustic distribution sensor safety monitoring system (DAS, distributed acoustic optical sensing) technology’ at the award ceremony for excellent companies to inspire new technology development and morale of optical convergence companies.


The company applied DAS technology to ‘e-DAS’ as a disaster safety management AI solution and launched it. e-DAS utilizes fiber optic cables to monitor abnormal conditions of industrial facilities and structures in real time, and performs risk prediction and accident prevention through AI analysis. In September of last year, it was registered as an innovative product by the Public Procurement Service and is being evaluated as having succeeded in localizing and commercializing innovative optical sensor technology for the first time in Korea.