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61. [jnilbo]Gwangju Enterprise ENITT, Selected as ‘Super Gap Startup 1000+’

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Date : 2023-07-18 10:29:04

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On the 14th, the Gwangju and Jeonnam Small and Medium Venture Business Administration announced on the 16th that they visited ENITT Co., Ltd., which was selected for the ‘2023 Super Gap Startup Project 1000+’, and presented a signboard. (Photo)


'Super Gap Startup 1000+' is a public-private partnership of 2 trillion won for 5 years from this year by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups to foster more than 1,000 deep-tech startups that will lead the future of the national economy in 10 new industries such as eco-friendly energy and future mobility. It is an over-investment project.


ENITT Co., Ltd. is a company located in Gwangju among the 25 companies finally selected through a general public offering by KEPCO, which was selected as the leading agency in charge of eco-friendly and energy technology commercialization for the start-up package project of the 'Super Gap Startup 1000+ Project' by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, in February 2018. It was established and has been steadily growing since then.


Smart C-EMS, which is currently under development, is a community energy optimization design and operation technology that is essential for real-time energy routing, energy self-sufficiency, and operational efficiency improvement to realize a zero-energy community. It is a multi-energy grid system that can simultaneously operate innovative power systems and distributed power sources. am.


In addition, smart C-EMS predicts energy demand through efficient energy routing and applies the result to search and present the optimal route, showing differentiation and high excellence from other technologies.


Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), the host organization, plans to support ENITT Co., Ltd.'s technology advancement, joint demonstration, acquisition of global licenses, entry into overseas markets, and investment attraction in cooperation with Korea University of Energy and New Energy Technology Research Institute.


Gwangju Jeonnam Small and Medium Business Administration Startup Venture Manager said, "We confirmed the future vision of startups through a site visit of a super-gap startup with high technology." I hope,” he said.