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22. [etnews] Korea Institute of Optical Technology develops a real-time monitoring system for unexpected situations near railroads

Writer : enitt

Date : 2022-04-13 11:47:04

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Domestic researchers have developed a system that can monitor the sudden situation around the railway in real time. It is expected to contribute to the elimination of railroad safety accident blind spots.

The Korea Optical Technology Institute (Director Credit Team) is a joint research team of the Optical Precision Measurement Research Center (Director of the Center Kim Myung-jin) with ENITT (Representative of Kyung-do Island), a company specializing in disaster safety and energy efficiency based on artificial intelligence (AI). The company announced on the 1st that it has developed the first line-type optical fiber vibration sensor system in KOREA that can monitor operation information such as train speed and position, construction work, rockfall, and sudden conditions around the railway line in real time.


The system developed this time uses a distributed vibration sensor (DAS) to measure changes in scattered light generated by vibrations around optical cables buried in the ground, and can analyze the position and frequency of vibration up to a range of 50 km. .. The communication optical cable constructed around the existing line will be used as it is as a sensing optical cable. Not only can the installation cost be reduced, but the railroad safety blind spot can be eliminated as continuous section measurement becomes possible.

Applying AI-based data analysis technology, this product classifies the location and event of train operation information, intruders, maintenance work, rockfall, optical cable damage, etc. and informs the manager to prevent safety accidents. Can be prevented.

The research team is currently conducting demonstrations on the 47km section between Gomatsu and Gongju on the Hunan high-speed craft and the 20km section between Nishioda and Keiryu on the Hunan General Line. We are focusing on improving reliability through big data collection and analysis of various situations that occur during railway environment and vehicle operation.

The research team was developed through the innovation and procurement cooperation type new technology commercialization support project of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, and Korail Corporation is participating as a demand company.

Director Kim Myung-jin said, "Railway traffic is expected to become even more important in the future due to issues such as carbon dioxide reduction." "It is expected to help manage the railway network and build an advanced monitoring system that can prevent safety accidents." I will do it. "