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23. [AVING] ENITT to introduce 'e-DAS', a structure abnormality monitoring system at the AIoT international exhibition

Writer : enitt

Date : 2022-04-13 11:47:34

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ENITTT participated in the "AIoT Korea Exhibition 2021" held at COEX in Seoul from October 20th (Wednesday) to 22nd (Friday).


e-DAS is a system that measures vibrations over long distances / continuous sections based on distributed optical sensor technology, and can detect abnormalities in various facilities and structures, accidents, and inspect at any time. Long-distance continuous measurement is possible with a single optical fiber, and there is no malfunction due to disturbance of ambient electromagnetic waves. It has high durability in extreme environments such as high temperature, high voltage, and high voltage, and is easy to install in preparation for existing vibration / acoustic sensors. In addition, because it is suitable for a wide range of measurements, it can be used in various industrial infrastructure safety management and security fields (leakage detection, intrusion detection, location tracking, etc.).


"In December 2020, we participated in the smart management system construction project for the underground joint area of ​​Gwangju Metropolitan City and built e-DAS and e-DTS," said an ENITT official. He continued, "e-DAS succeeded in commercializing domestic products for the first time in KOREA, and is still collecting a large amount of data every day and advancing technological sophistication."


Regarding the purpose of participating in the exhibition, "I would like to inform many buyers of high-tech technology, take the lead in the government's digital new deal policy, and inform the world of the power of Korean soil brands through aggressive overseas market expansion." Clarified.