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25. [etnews]Domestic production of 24-hour continuous monitoring system for railways, bridges, etc ... ENITT releases 2nd generation

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Date : 2022-04-13 11:52:50

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A domestic artificial intelligence (AI) specialist company has succeeded in domestically producing a system that can constantly monitor whether there is an abnormality in facilities such as railroads and bridges and electric power equipment. It can be used in various fields such as disaster safety management and external intrusion monitoring.


ENITT utilizes AI-based distributed optical sensors and deep learning technology to provide real-time disasters through continuous inspections of various industrial facilities such as railroads, bridges, underground communal areas, new renewable energy power plants, transformers, and water distribution boards. The company announced on the 30th that it has developed a second-generation "e-DAS interrogator" that can monitor safety management.


The 2nd generation e-DAS interrogator is capable of multi-channel operation, has advanced deep learning technology, and has improved the accuracy of event classification for each situation. We provide safety monitoring systems through monitoring and inspections optimized for various industrial infrastructure facilities.




In particular, this system is characterized by a more sophisticated partial discharge solution than foreign competitors.


Partial discharge is a local discharge phenomenon that occurs inside the insulating material of a high voltage device and occurs repeatedly in a small area. It causes deterioration and eventually burns out of electric power equipment, resulting in enormous loss such as power loss and life-threatening accidents.


The 2nd generation e-DAS interrogator can measure over the section in front of the power equipment, detect the partial discharge distribution, and shut off the partial discharge in advance. It can be applied to various power plants, transformers, power equipment such as distribution boards, and high-voltage power cables.


From August last year to December this year, ENITT received an order for the "Smart Management System Construction for Underground Joint Zone in Gwangju City" and set up 4.8km (e-DTS) in the Underground Joint Zone in Gwangju City and operated it normally. There is. This is the first example of domestic production and commercialization through the development of the first source technology in KOREA in the e-DAS market, which is mostly occupied by foreign products.




Until the end of this year, the company will additionally detect train speed, position, rail stamps, rockfalls, etc. in real time on the Korail and Chungnam GONG JU High Speed ​​Line 50km section and Keiryu-Princess General Line 20km section railway. Proceed with the demonstration project. We will also promote fire and partial discharge monitoring system verification tests on high-voltage transmission lines.


ENITT was recognized for its e-DAS technology and was designated as an advanced technology company selected by the government in November. Next year, it plans to set up a branch office in Frankfurt, Germany, to expand overseas.


CEO KiSONGDO also said, "We plan to secure a global expansion and prove the excellence of Korean e-DAS in the global market." "The best way to grow into the world's best company for DAS-based disaster safety solutions." I will do my best. "