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26. [Daily hankook]Radio Wave Promotion Agency completed the 2021 ICT Fund Business Performance Report.

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Date : 2022-04-13 11:54:04

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Excellence and Creation Company Award Ceremony, Achievement Announcement, Online Deliverable Exhibition, Showcase, etc.




On the 23rd, the Ministry of Science and ICT and Communication, Korea Broadcasting and Communications Agency (KCA, Director Jung Hung-un) held an online report meeting on the achievements of excellence and creation companies at the Ilsan Komaru Broadcasting Support Center in Gyeonggi Province. It was revealed that it was done.


The result report meeting on this day was planned and held in a hypertrophied manner in consideration of the environment of Corona 19. The results report meeting, which celebrated its fifth time this year, is a place to award and encourage private companies and related parties who have contributed to industrial development among the many business results created through the support of the ICT fund.




From this year, the award scale has expanded (12 → 16 points), the "World Online ICT Show" online exhibition hall, showcases, and other richer programs have become a place for sharing the results of ICT companies and spreading successful cases. ..


The event was attended by Director KCA Jung Hung-Hun, Director of the Information and Communication Industry Policy Center of the Orthodox Division of the Division, who commended and encouraged ICT companies that have endeavored to create excellence over the past year.




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In the field of digital new deals, with "ENITT Co., Ltd.", which built the first commercialization in KOREA and a railway track safety monitoring system based on optical fiber sensors.




 "Deep Brain AI Co., Ltd.", which developed AI human video production and bar-type electronic price indicator system',




In the field of social value, "Widep Co., Ltd.", which developed energy and carbon emission reduction solutions in all processes, received the award in Smart E3I in the field of wastewater treatment.


Director KCA Jung Hung-n said, "The 2021 ICT Fund Business Achievement Report Meeting is the result of many small and medium-sized enterprises, venture startups, and ICT companies striving for excellence and creation through collaboration with private halls, and discovering more diverse success stories. We will strive for the efficient operation of the ICT fund business and support the production of various excellent results. "