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28. [Chum-Dan Net]ENITT, introduced an AI disaster safety monitoring system at 'CES 2022'... Securing export bridgeheads

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Date : 2022-04-13 12:05:56

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The world's largest information technology (IT) and electronic exhibition "ENITT" (CEO KI SONG DO), a company specializing in disaster safety management artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, is being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Nevada, USA for four days from the 5th to the 8th. It was announced on the 7th that it participated in "CES 2022" and unveiled "e-DAS (AI-based optical fiber acoustic distribution sensing)" that integrates optical fiber distribution type sensing technology and disaster safety monitoring AI technology.


e-DAS is a system that measures vibrations over long distances and continuous sections based on distributed optical sensor technology, and can detect abnormalities in various facilities and structures, accidents, and inspect at any time. Long-distance continuous measurement is possible with a single optical fiber, and there is no malfunction due to disturbance of peripheral electromagnetic waves.


Based on these technological capabilities, ENITT succeeded in commercializing the first domestic technology in KOREA in the "Smart Management System for Underground Joint District of Gwangju City" project last year. A demonstration project for the 50km section of the Korail and Osong-Princess high-speed craft and the 20km section of the Keiryung-Princess general line has also progressed.


ENITT is actively expanding its overseas business through the successful start of its domestic business and participation in CES 2022. It attracted the attention of many buyers due to its superior performance compared to foreign equipment and its strength of construction cost, which is more than twice as cheap.


“We will secure a global expansion through this CES 2022 and prove the excellence of Korean e-DAS in the global markets such as Europe and the Middle East, as well as the United States,” said KI SONG DO.


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