Energy Efficiency AI Solution



Acquired GS certification Grade 1

It is an integrated monitoring platform of the ESS safety management system based on a subminiature wireless sensor for the prevention of fire accidents.

Beyond energy, we open the future of new value building energy management. It is TSware BEMS EMS that manages building energy with differentiated ICT technology.

Smart energy

It effectively visualizes the energy consumption status and efficiently manages it with an intuitive interface.

Standard compliance

In accordance with the government’s energy strengthening policy, BEMS function is provided according to KS F 1800-2 standard.

Easy management

Based on energy consumption analysis and prediction, facility management convenience provides a pleasant environment and improves energy efficiency.


[ Block diagram of ESS safety management system ]



  • Energy visualization

  • Compatibility · scalability

  • Management convenience

  • Comfortable indoor

  • Consumption prediction

Product specification

Recommended Specifications for Server PC
Server | DesktopDesktop level
O/SWindows 10 Pro 64bit
CPUIntel Core 15 2.2GHz or higher
Memory16GB or higher
Disk200GB or higher
JAVAJRE 8(x64)
MonitorResolution 1920*1080
Recommended Specifications for Client PC
O/SWindows 10
Memory4GB or higher
Disk100GB or higher
MonitorResolution 1920*1080
SoftwareLatest Chrome

Functions · Applications

1.Integrated energy management

  • Real-time monitoring and visualization of integration status
  • Monitoring and visualization of energy status for each site
  • Real-time collection and analysis of measurement information and environmental information

2. Manageability

  • Monitoring settings for major facilities by site
  • Real-time anomaly monitoring and control using Rule Engine
  • Abnormal status notification and equipment control in case of emergency

3. Compatibility/Extensibility

  • Support for various protocols
  • Various facilities and systems can be integrated and interlocked

4. Safety management

  • Monitoring of dew condensation, fire, and thermal runaway using 5 types of sensors based on BLE 5.0
  • Monitoring of thermal runaway and prevention of fires using an emergency control panel
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