Disaster Safety AI Solution



Distributed Strain Sensing

It is an optical fiber-based structure deformation monitoring system that can be applied to overall SOC such as industrial facilities and urban infrastructure.

The more points connect with lines, the more lines connect with sides, the safer we are. It is e-DSS, the Enitt's disaster safety management solution, in which the line connected to the light sensor is responsible for road safety and city safety.



  • Convergence with
    LiDAR technology to
    improve precision

  • Precise safety diagnosis
    with high position resolution

  • Real-time classification
    based on AI deep learning

  • Cost reduction by securing
    cost competitiveness

  • 100% of 24/7
    operation rate

Product specification

Measurement interval100mm
Measurement sensor length100m
Strain measurement range±3,000με
Strain resolution5με
Data update time10 seconds
Temperature correction range-20~80℃
Temperature correction precision±2
Time required for abnormal state analysis30 seconds

Functions · Applications

  • Industrial facility monitoring - Tank, piping, crane girder, containment facility, storage facility, power generation facility, etc.
  • Urban infrastructure monitoring - Bridges, tunnels, cutting areas, buildings, water supply and sewerage systems, underground tunnels, etc
  • Transportation/transportation facilities - Railroads, subways, ships, aircraft, etc.
  • Disaster prevention - Fire, ground, landslide, etc.
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