Disaster Safety AI Solution



Distributed Acoustic Sensing

It is an optical fiber-based acoustic vibration detection safety monitoring system that processes on-site information necessary for safety management in real time.

The more points connect with lines, the more lines connect with sides, the safer we are. It is e-DAS, the Enitt's disaster safety management solution, in which the line connected to the light sensor is responsible for road safety and city safety.

Simultaneous measurement

e-DAS measures at least 1,000 to 10,000 points simultaneously.

Real-time monitoring

Rayleigh scattering enables real-time monitoring of continuous sections of several tens of kilometers.

Easy installation·management

No separate signal and communication lines are required, so existing installed optical cables are used.



  • Monitoring of structural
    abnormalities through
    acoustic vibration data

  • Continuous measurement
    over long distances

  • Real-time classification
    based on AI deep learning

  • Price competitiveness of
    50% or less compared
    to foreign equipment

  • 100% of 24/7
    operation rate

Product specification

Distance Range50km
Channel Option1
Position Resolution1m
Data Accuracy±1m
Minimum Sampling Rate10kHz(up to 10km fiber length)/20kHz(up to 5km fiber length)
Performance AuthenticationSupport for IEC 61757-3-2 standard
Operating Temperature0℃~50℃

Functions · Applications

POSCO Belt Conveyor Idle Roller

This is the screen of the belt conveyor safety management monitoring system installed at POSCO Gwangyang Steelworks. Optical cables installed in the belt conveyor monitor and diagnose belt conveyor abnormalities in real time, such as roller abnormality detection and raw material loading.

Railroad Safety Monitoring System

This is the screen of the railroad safety monitoring system installed on the 50km section of the Osong~Gongju high-speed rail in connection with KORAIL. Optical cables installed around the railroad monitor and diagnose abnormalities of the railroad, such as train position, speed, and rail breakage in real time.

Smart Management System for underground utility tunnels in Gwangju

This is the screen of the safety management monitoring system installed in the underground utility tunnels in Gwangju. Optical cables installed in all sections of the utility tunnels monitor and diagnose abnormalities in the utility tunnels in real time, such as intrusion, breakage, and deformation, making it possible for users to manage them more easily.

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